Final stage of IPv4 address space disposal nearing completion

10 August 2021

The Asia Pacific Internet Development Trust (APIDT) is nearing completion of the third and final stage of its IPv4 address space disposal process, with a transfer agreement now signed on the remaining blocks from Stage 3 and completion expected within the coming months.

Stage 3 offered the 43.192/11 block of IPv4, subdivided into thirty-two /16 blocks, inviting tenders for one or more of those /16 blocks.  

The initial tender process was undersubscribed and negotiations commenced with prior unsuccessful bidders at the end of 2020. Negotiations are now complete and APIDT is contracted to transfer all remaining address blocks to the new custodians. 

The completion of Stage 3 will mark the end of APIDT’s IPv4 address space disposal process which has raised more than USD 420 million towards an endowment fund, managed by the Trust, to support ongoing Internet development in the Asia Pacific.

The Trustees would like to thank all organizations that submitted a tender and participated in the process.  Thanks also goes to KPMG and Maddocks for their work in designing the sale process, assessing tenders in line with the agreed criteria, and managing the tender stages.

Further information on the APIDT’s 2021 Budget and project funding is now available.