APIDT completes first stage of IPv4 address space disposal

4 August 2020

The Asia Pacific Internet Development Trust (APIDT) has completed the first stage of its IPv4 address space disposal.

Stage 1 offered the 43/9 block of IPv4, subdivided into eight /12 blocks, inviting tenders for one or more of those /12 blocks. Under the published tender process, KPMG and Maddocks shortlisted and selected the successful tender, which was a single offer for the entire 43/9 block.

The transaction was completed and the address space transferred to the successful tenderer today. Terms of the sale of Stage 1 will not be disclosed, however the Trustee can announce the tender price was within the market-based price range expected.

Stage 2 will offer the next block, 43.128/10, subdivided into sixteen /14 blocks, and will open on 10 August 2020. Full details for Stage 2, including the Request for Tender document and key dates, will be published at that time.

International consulting firm, KPMG, and legal firm, Maddocks, were commissioned by APIDT to advise on the design of the sale process, to assess tenders in line with the agreed criteria, and to manage the tender stages.

The Trustees would like to thank all organizations that submitted a tender in Stage 1 for participating in the process. After the three stages are complete (towards the end of 2020) the total funds raised will be announced, along with other details that can be disclosed at that time. For more information on the Trust or the tender stages, please refer to the APIDT website.  Questions and feedback can be directed to tenders@apidt.org.